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interesting facts:

We (GOS) create free, as well as paid games!!

GamesOfShadows (GOS) is not a company yet, so only free games are “developed”.


For Later (if we are a company): Among other things, our free online-browsergames contain advertising that is supposed to support us for the expenses of the servers. It’s possible that we use the money for other things too, such as Promotional material. Therefore we ask you to deactivate the add-blocker (if available)! You support us and we give you “normal” advertising. If somewhere invisible advertising, as well as advertising for e.g. Porn sites or something like this is coming, then please report it to immediately! We do not want and do not tolerate this, but we only have internal control. On the external pages where we upload and publish certain items from us – such as our browsergames ( and – we can only partially control the advertising! So please let us know, so that we can act in time!


How do we create our games?

We can not program and we do not have the time to learn it, so we use Game-Maker-Programs like the RPGmaker MV,…

Who creates the games exactly?

People from our team who are familiar with Game-Maker-Programs.


Can I help?

Yes, by playing our games, giving feedback, and reporting bugs / mistakes.

Which Game-Maker-Programs do you use exactly?

RPGmaker VX Ace, RPGmaker MV – We do not have more yet. If you know good Game-Maker-Programs, then send them to us!