Dev-Log: 19.08.14

A lot has happened since the last post.
The prototype version of Huperimant (created for the GMTK-Jam 2019) occupied the 862th place of nearly 3000 submissions. There were many good reviews, we are satisfied!
What about the tower defense game? The project will be paused. I’m thinking of “relocating” the project to another engine, as the RPG maker MV is not that powerful enough for you to play it properly on the phone. I think you want to play it on your Handy, so we will make it… someday.
What about the BlockJump-Template? The template is ready, I just have to create the “Help” file / tutorials! ūüėÄ
PS: We have a Discord-Server and a TS3-Server! You’re welcome to join!
TS3 (IP):