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Our web radio is now in the test phase!
In the test phase, we create a schedule and add new songs.

The test phase will take two weeks, after that GOS-Radio will go online!

Every 30 minutes comes advertising.

Chat with us: Coming soon…

New Artists:
Coming soon…

New Songs:
Coming soon…

Über GOS-Radio:
GOS-Radio ist ein Web-Radio von GamesOfShadows & MusicOfShadows.
Zum größten Teil wird Pop, Rock und Electro abgespielt.

Um mehr Vielfalt zu bieten wird epische Musik (Soundtracks), Electro-Swing und andere an bestimmten Tagen und Uhrzeiten abgespielt (siehe unser Radio-Programm).

Wir haben jeden Künstler / Musiker um Erlaubnis gefragt, bis auf diese, die auf Jamendo Licensing vertreten sind (wir besitzen dort eine gültige Lizenz).

Unser Web-Radio besitzt nur Eigenwerbung, sowie Werbung für jeden einzelnen Künstler / Musiker. Wir bekommen dafür kein Geld! 

Wir freuen uns über Vorschläge, neue Lieder und neue Künstler / Musiker.

Unser Web-Radio läuft über 

Kontaktiere unser Web-Radio mit einer Email:

Send us new songs:

You want to help or listen to your favorite songs on our web radio? 

You may know songs that we can use (royalty free)?

We would be very happy about suggestions, new songs or new artists!

Requirements for the song so that we can insert it:
– We need a permission from the artist or he is represented at Jamendo Licensing.
– There should be no serious insults, as well as no racism or similar (children might listen to the web radio).
– The song has to provide a certain quality and have to fit in our radio (pop, rock, electro, soundtrack / epic, electro swing, …).
– We can contact the artist and legally download or buy his songs.
– The song may not cause us any problems or extra cost / fees.

Just send an Email to:

Become a part of GOS Radio:
Are you an artist?
You can become a part of the GOS-Radio.
Your songs just have to meet the requirements!

For further information just contact us ( )

For the great artists:

If you are or would like to become an artist on GOS-Radio, please read this.

Each artist is named (with song name) before his song is played. If you don’t like your announcement, feel free to contact us at any time and send us a change request or your own version (only artist name and song name + you can add 10 seconds of your message – Example: “Hey here is <your name> and this is my song <song name>. If you like it buy it on bandcamp!”).

Every artist gets a standard advertisement. If you don’t like your advertising, you can contact us anytime and send us a change request or your own version (not longer than about 20 seconds).

We use your music, but you do not want this anymore?
You can contact us anytime. We will understand it and take down your song from GOS-Radio / we will stop using it.

You would like to know other things? Are there problems or do you want to make suggestions? Ask and contact us anytime via email.


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