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Only One Trash Game

About the Game

➥ About the bad Story:

You wake up in a very ugly and strange room.
There is a blue trashcan, a small piece of paper trash and a pointless button.
There are four ways lead into the "darkness / nothingness".
Here is the first puzzle to solve.

To keep you awake and to keep the mood up there is a dance battle with Trashy Jackson.
Than comes the relaxation, through a small quiz of our super great quiz master Trash Hawking.
And now a rather disappointing and boring fight, followed by a terrific epic battle between you and Trashyroth!
* Baaam ... Kapau ... Pufff ... awesome sound effects *

And then?
The sad end...

➥ Features:

– Fights
– Dances
– Interactions
– Trash
– Annoying text
– Small game with “Story”
– Mostly own graphic
– Horny music
– Awesome credits
– Own title screen
– Easter eggs
– Too many emotions!
– One event & one event page that regulates the complete game!

 What is special about this game? 

The COMPLETE game ONLY runs on one event, one event page,
one switch, one variable, one plugin, one tileset ( B ) and one map!

Of course, I have used alternatives to the switches and variables,
e.g. Character stats (HP, MP, Level / XP, ...) & Gold system for alternate
variables and states, names, skills,... for alternate switches.

And then there are just a lot of "If, then, else".

If you play it, I look forward to your negative reviews / Feedbacks!

There is a challenge called “One Map Game Challenge” where you can only use 10 events, switches, variables, … and only one map ( ). I’ve thought a lot, but for Tetris, Pacman, Zombie Survivals, … you need more events, switches or variables. Possible would be tic-tac-toe and cookie-clicker, but way too “easy”. As a professional eventer I would like to do something difficult. With a friend I came up with an idea, which I have realized.

In order to make the challenge more difficult and interesting for me, I have made an even bigger restriction. ONLY one event, one event page, one variable, one switch, one plugin, one tileset (B) and one map.

General: Why do I do exactly THAT and why, this big restriction? I do THAT because I (and my friend) are simply stupid. 🙂
I’m a professional Eventer, but I want to learn more about the RPG maker MV to get better and possibly to become an Event-Master. 😀

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